Thursday, May 15, 2014


WW II VE Day and V Day.

WW II VE day May 8 1945 coincides (because of time changes?) with V Day May 9 1935 now in Russia once the Soviet Union. As a veteran of WW II I have always considered the Soviet Union our allies and I refuse to consider them as enemies to this day.

The brave Soviet soldiers and civilians lost approximately 50,000 lives about half of the total WW II losses. The United States of America (USA) proudly proclaim they are responsible for victory even though they did not enter ‘till the December 8 1941. Canada declared war I think September 1939? According to the USA Canadian lives did not contribute to victory?

It all comes down to history. All systems since, as it is called caveman age, changed as a result of production changes. As production changed to increase or make better products it created conditions that require a new system. The world has seen 4 and the beginnings
of the 5th – primitive communal, slavery, feudalism capitalism, socialism and communism.

All systems had an owning class and a labouring (productive) class each with many divisions. Capitalism produced two basic classes an owning class and a labouring class. After WW II came a new revolution the Scientific and Technological Revolution STR. That revolution created the fact that with STR one laborer could produce the work of between 5 to 10 using the pre-revolution methods. Capitalists seized on the chance to pay one wage and receive the same production as multiple employees.

That is the nub of the class conflicts of today. The time has come to allow labour to receive a fair share of their production. It requires a new system – a system where labour  becomes the owner class.

Yours, ‘till victory in the class struggle,
John Beeching

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