Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fair Taxes

There are so many social issues suffering from lack of government financing one hardly knows where to start. Unions have always been a vanguard for its members. The spin-off has been the general public and particularly non-union workers have benefitted also.
Our nation is presently in an world-wide economic crisis of business and government creation. There is a plethora of organizations trying to deal with today’s problems. Governments and big business are ignoring their efforts. They see no reason to change. All levels of government try to represent the citizens but also without affecting profits or hurting business. It explains why income tax is the only progressive tax of all taxation.
At present taxation is not fair or equitable. Big business, finance organizations and investors do not have a progressive tax; it is done by formula, hidden from the public. A progressive business tax policy should provide governments with sufficient money to resolve the various issues government and the people they represent face.
Our society has two basic classes with many divisions, an owning class and a labouring class.
The owning class accumulates the wealth produced by labour’s production. This system is called capitalism. A new development after World War Two has made it possible for laborers to produce all the production previously made by 7 or more persons. The owning class continues to use its power over government to reduce labour cost and keep the greater portion of profits thus made.
The time has come for a revolutionary change to a new system that takes ownership power into the hands of those who labour.

John Beeching

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