Thursday, February 21, 2013


SOMETHING OF VITAL IMPORTANCE FOR ALL WHO WANT WORLD PEACE WITH JUSTICE: There has been much debate in the news recently about drones. One of the newscasts we watched posed what we think is vitally important question, How long before a hacker takes control of a drone for their own ends? Certainly food for thought and for social activists to move on. (not an exact quote). Hacking is not confined to any group or country.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Like a jet or high-speed train election day is almost here. There are far too many issues created by the government of the legislature to deal with them all. We need a political movement not a political party that puts people first not business. In the meantime:
All political parties have an interest in business rather than people. They have swallowed the line promoted by super-high finance that “we must protect business” nonsense! Large businesses are doing just fine and making super profits. If there is any business that needs protecting it is small business. In particular the small business. The mom and pop ones, or individuals who start up a one-man business must have by now more that an 80% failure rate.
The present economic crisis can never be resolved until business begins to pay a fair share of taxation. The nearest to introducing legislation that goes in that direction was Adrian Dix’s small but limited step to increase business tax.
End thought for the day.


Libya: The Second Anniversary of a Bloody Coup
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Elections May 2013: Just my opinion?

Transportation is an issue of major impotence to a large number of South Coast BC residents. The BC Legislature enacted South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Act (Translink) over 30 years ago. Thirty Years or more of various governments have seen a multitude of amendments. The result is a tedious and complex puzzle for researchers.

The present Liberal BC Legislature is the inheritor of the changes implemented under the leadership of former Premier Campbell. They resulted in a move that took Translink into the beginning of an undemocratic privatization move. Instead of a Board made up of mostly Mayors who are elected, we now have a Board mad up of business and professionals not elected but appointed. The previous Mayors Board is relegated to mainly consultative status., with nothing as far as we know to make changes to Board decisions. The time has come to right the wrongs!

This years BC elections provide the electorate with an opportunity to restore democracy to Translink by letting the party of their choice know that they want the restoration of the former Mayors Translink Board and the abolition of the present Translink Board and expect a public announcement to gain their support as an elector.  One step more is that some services in Translink are contracted. It would remove problems like uncertainty for clients and riders and employees if these companies were no longer under contract but were companies the same as all other non-contracted firms or companies in Translink. The time is now to demand a public inquiry into the whole problem of transportation in the South Coast of BC.

It is important for the general public to begin to take back democracy and this election is a good place to start. Canada has already gone too far on the path to open corporate rule.