Monday, July 16, 2012



Elections 2013 are nearly upon us. The electorate - that is you, have to decide our future. It is not true you can't do anything with big government. That lie is to disarm any protest for the wrongs being committed for the benefit of more profits for business while at the same time keeping it hidden from the public eye! And there are quite a few wrongs.

Translink, Access Transit, HandyDART: As two HandyDART users that is our focus. You have another issue? Use this format or one of your own and inform the public of your problems and concerns about it. In general the turning over of public domain companies and issues like ferries, railroads, BC Hydro and more to the private sector for profit from your tax dollars should be front and centre!

We think that this election should only elect candidates who agree to support and/or propose the following two points to correct the wrongs being committed by the BC Legislature beginning with the time of the former Premier Campbell. In our case the "South Coast British Columbia Transportation Act - Translink".

FIRST: Get rid of the appointed Translink Board an re-install the Mayors Translink Board. At least it was comprised mainly of elected Mayors. 

SECOND: Remove any reference to 'contracted or contracted service' in the "South Coast British Columbia Transportation Act - Translink" Make any company that is presently contracted under Translink a corporation or company the same kind as those not contracted in Coast Mountain Bus Company.

PLEDGE: That you will only vote for candidates publicly committed to support both First and Second points above.

Time to Occupy BC Elections 2013!
Two HandyDART users <>

About time the 99% used their vote to stop the inept management of Translink by the Liberal government!

As a BC voter and member or supporter of your party we hereby notify you we 'take the pledge' and will honour this pledge on voting day.




Postal code______________________________________

Please send the above by Canada Post, or email, or hand delivery to the party of your choice. If you would like to let us know that you have done so sent confirmation of the pledge to bet
If you can, circulate it to other BC voters Thanks

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


TILMA John Beeching Hon. Chair, CPS

It has been probably more than 6 years since I wrote anything on this subject. The general public do not even seem aware of TILMA or its connection and similarities with the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the USA. Or for that matter their negative effects on the majority. CEO's just love it!

The present attack on labour in Canada, especially by all governments, has caught the recognition of organized labour but unfortunately not as much in the general public. It makes the job of Canadian business lobby and their institutes like the Fraser Institute here in BC easier. 

As with FTA, TILMA's goals focus on laws that “restrict or impair trade, investment or labour mobility”, that is, in a nutshell profits. More and more Canadians are awake to the drive toward corporate governance and extreme super profits that drive the lower and lowest economic level of our society to grow in numbers and get poorer. While banks and Corporations get bail-outs. Profits are the root of policy of all governments in Canada who follow the “trickle down economic theory” which only exacerbates the lowering of purchasing power. Canada need a political movement. 
“Instead of promising to harmonize our rules and regulations, or making commitments to remove the barriers corporations don't like, why won't our governments commit to adopting the best standards for workers, the environment and local decision making, not the worst.” BC Federation of Labour.
We suggest that as long a we have a 'for profit system' – capitalism the chasm between the owning class and workers will only deepen. The ranks of the lower income people will increase while their earnings and conditions will worsen as those at the top pass laws to ensure it does. Meantime those at the top of the income range put their money in banks.
We do need an examination of globalization with the view of how it will fit into a new order – scientific socialism. In the meantime until Canadians are ready to do just that resistance to draconian laws and preparations for a police state must be resisted. Organized Labour should and must take a lead. If you are not ready for a revolution – rebell.