Wednesday, July 4, 2012


TILMA John Beeching Hon. Chair, CPS

It has been probably more than 6 years since I wrote anything on this subject. The general public do not even seem aware of TILMA or its connection and similarities with the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the USA. Or for that matter their negative effects on the majority. CEO's just love it!

The present attack on labour in Canada, especially by all governments, has caught the recognition of organized labour but unfortunately not as much in the general public. It makes the job of Canadian business lobby and their institutes like the Fraser Institute here in BC easier. 

As with FTA, TILMA's goals focus on laws that “restrict or impair trade, investment or labour mobility”, that is, in a nutshell profits. More and more Canadians are awake to the drive toward corporate governance and extreme super profits that drive the lower and lowest economic level of our society to grow in numbers and get poorer. While banks and Corporations get bail-outs. Profits are the root of policy of all governments in Canada who follow the “trickle down economic theory” which only exacerbates the lowering of purchasing power. Canada need a political movement. 
“Instead of promising to harmonize our rules and regulations, or making commitments to remove the barriers corporations don't like, why won't our governments commit to adopting the best standards for workers, the environment and local decision making, not the worst.” BC Federation of Labour.
We suggest that as long a we have a 'for profit system' – capitalism the chasm between the owning class and workers will only deepen. The ranks of the lower income people will increase while their earnings and conditions will worsen as those at the top pass laws to ensure it does. Meantime those at the top of the income range put their money in banks.
We do need an examination of globalization with the view of how it will fit into a new order – scientific socialism. In the meantime until Canadians are ready to do just that resistance to draconian laws and preparations for a police state must be resisted. Organized Labour should and must take a lead. If you are not ready for a revolution – rebell.

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