Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cuts to HandyDART will continue:

After considerable opposition, cuts to “Taxi Savers” program were cancelled by Translink. However we are told the present economic crisis dictates that cost saving must be done in all transit, especially on HandyDART.  An audit is presently underway to examine the whole financial system in Translink. 

HandyDART originated about 30 years ago as disabled and seniors began a struggle for accessible transit.  It was a success and is growing exponentially as the predicted baby boom has hit the retirement wall. Unfortunately no government has even begun to plan for the sudden burst in numbers and the increased demands in housing, health, transportation to name a few problem areas.

The economic crisis exasperated by governments policies of the “trickle-down economic theory” remains systematic. As long as it continues solutions of passing the buck will continue. For example, Translink is presently saddled with issues that rightfully belong in the government department of transportation. Instead of attention to the problem of encouraging drivers and their passengers to get out of cars and into public transit, more cost saving. Translink is busy expanding the highway system, improving roads, building bridges for example. All encourage greater use of cars and other transportation such as trucking, not really Tanslink's mandate as originally given pre-1941.

It is time these issues, especially the saddling of Translink with issues that rightfully belong in the Department of Transit were included in the audit.

This letter to the editor was sent to the Province. ohn