Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fascism - open rule of business

Recent developments in the Ukraine reveal that the US-NATO-EU consortium has begun a new cold war for raw materials cheap labour and markets. This time it is directed against Russia. It is thanks to the media that when one sees the word Russia – communist pops into mind.
Once more the ‘divide and rule’ seems to have taken over. Is the Ukraine to become the new Korea with a north south division? Who will draw the dividing line?
It is clear under premier Harpers watch the government of Canada supports US-NATO-EU intervention. From news reports it is clear the support includes extremist fascist groups who are not peaceful demonstrators but armed.
CPS-Vancouver condemns this position. We support a significant and so far silent sector of Ukrainians. They are a major sector of the Ukraine’s population not seen or heard. We support this majority population. Fascism and anti-communism are tools to keep the ruling class in power and imperialism.

John Beeching,
WW II veteran, Chair CPS-Vancouver and Hon. Chair CPS  

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