Tuesday, May 13, 2014


We have a copy of “Criminalizing Criticism of Israel in Canada” Global Research. Here is a complete version. http://www.globalresearch.ca/criminalizing-criticism-of-israel-in-canada/5376306
We veterans of World War Two are well aware that under Hitler leadership Germany became one. How long before it is used to stifle criticism of the Harper government. It has a majority of seats but a minority of public support about 30%. It does not therefore have a “mandate” as Harper is fond of saying.
“Bill C-13 A digital Trojan Horse for the Surveillance State.” Global Research. “[…] The bill even includes ‘hate legislation’…” Department of Justice.
“A comment regarding Bill C-13, The basis of the Bill is to stop the burgeoning BDS
campaign. It is fitting to the efforts of the extremist conservative government to privatize, amend the criminal code, build more jails, destroy or get rid of unions, and much more.
As Honorary Chair of CPS and Chair of CPS Vancouver I call for wide circulation of this information. As advocates for Social Justice it has never been in the danger it is now. How long before Harpers government find a way to include criticism of deeds and acts that widen the gap between rich and poor. A police state is not the Canadian way.”
We urge you to contact your MP and use the two suggestions made in the introductory of the item. 1. That Section 12 of Bill C-13 be amended be amended with the following “Nothing in this section shall be interpreted as conflicting with Canada’s responsibility, in accordance with Article 1 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.” Nor shall anything in this section (the section that contains these revisions) be interpreted be interpreted as conflicting with Canada’s responsibilities under other instruments of international humanitarian law of which Canada is a signatory.”
We are pleased to endorse and recommend 2. I would recommend is for Canadians to replace the government that engages in Trojan-horse lawfare of this kind with a better one.
Remember, “DEMOCRACY BEGINS WITH YOU.” Let us ACT now.


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