Monday, May 6, 2013


To Paraphrase Dr. Craig Roberts of Global Research “You are the Hope”


You have the ability and motivation to find the truth. You can think and dialogue with others; you should also see through propaganda. You are a graduate of a special university – the university of the street and its people generally.

Like the rest of us you have gone through 68 years of a new revolution – the scientific, technological revolution. It began after WW II was won in Europe. It has made major changes in the world’s production mode for the development of the industrial revolution into the present computer and robotics production.

Those changes have made it possible for production that has enriched the owning class beyond the imagination while making the mid down class grow and become poorer.
How you vote will decide if we are governed to improve and enrich the lives of the mid to lower class or to go on enriching the top owning class who demand tax breaks to increase their already bloated profits. Decide where you are and think of your and your families and friends future. You can vote for an enriched future for the majority or an enriched to the maximum future of those already super-rich.

To continue to be governed by high finance and big business or to be governed by people like you. According to the CBC TV more and more of you are swinging to help business and its already immense wealth. The dictionary I have says that Governance by corporations and business is fascism. Many Canadians and I died to defeat it. Is your vote going to make that struggle a failure?

As the good doctor saidYou can see through propaganda.” I say TRY, YES YOU CAN.

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