Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Great Northern Tax Haven by Linda McQuaig Sun columnist

The above URL will enable you to print the whole article. Linda McQuaig a columnist for the Toronto Star has several books to her credit. This column in the Toronto Star on line said something that caught my eye.

" Canada's ultra rich - those in the top 0.01 percent (emphasis mine) - now have a bigger share of the national income than any point in Canadian history, according to data compiled by McMaster University economist Michael Veall. But the median Canadian family income hasn't grown in 30 years; in fact it's declined from $48,800 (in today's dollars) to $46,700.

"This means ordinary Canadians have little buying power, reducing the incentive for business and the wealthy to invest in their substantial cash reserves in ways that create jobs.

"As growing inequality becomes a global issue, the subject is strangely absent from Canadian politics."

My comment is that as long as Governments, they are by and large elected by high finance in spite of so called democracy, continue with the "trickle down theory" that says the more money the goes to the top the more jobs will be created is based on a lie.

Think about it BC voters are you voting for more of the same?

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