Thursday, December 6, 2012


for the 2013 BC election

Whereas: The present liberal government continues with transit changes made by ex-Premier Campbell.
And whereas: The new appointed Translink Board seems unable or unwilling to carry out their mandate.
And whereas the present government fails to make business pay a fair share of tax burden based on income

Therefore: we the undersigned pledge that we will only vote for candidates in the upcoming 2013 BC Elections who declare publicly they will support and/or introduce the following three points in the BC Legislature.

  • Restoration of Translink Board made up mainly of the former Mayors of the South Coast BC.
  • Remove 'contracted service' from such services and make them corporations like most other companies in Translink-Coast Mountain Bus Company.
  • Abandon the wrong economic policy of "trickle down theory" And introduce a fair tax structure for all including business based on income and a progressive taxation.

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This pledge is made based on the 'honour system'. It is your honour.
Only you and your conscience will be aware that if none of the above points are introduced by whichever party forms the government you are to blame. 
The third point is vital to resolve the Canadian economic crisis. Profit records show that it is a lie that their business will go under if taxes are increased. In 1940 an excess profits tax was introduced by the Government of Canada. It said you can make 100% profit, after that the government will take it all. To our knowledge no business failed after all a profit of 100% surely is enough!

Do you have a conscience?

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