Saturday, December 29, 2012


The challenge  to all of us young and old is to look at the systemic patterns that have happened  from the 1890's through to today in our world. Look at the consistent wars, interventions, invasions, the military expenditure, the military industrial complex, the paranoia, the crisis of over production and under ability to purchase - get to the root of what is wrong with our system. Why is it terminally ill? We must root out those deeper causes. We have two systems to compare capitalism and scientific socialism. Social democracy leaves us with the same capitalist system Scientific socialism provides a completely new one. While discussing and examining history we need to make a comparison based on our findings.

You can NOT reform the system it must change to a new one. With reform you are left with the same system of booms and busts, rich and poor, The rich getting richer as the poor get poorer. What system you want needs to be discussed widely and once decided by consensus plans need to be in place of how to achieve the goal. It should be a system that makes people the owning class not the rich. A new system that puts people first.

We saw an interview on television RT QUESTION MORE of Peter Kuznick historian and Oliver Stone Academy award winner. Oliver Stone to RT: "US has become an Orwellian state." In the discussion Kuznick responded to RT question, "Do you think these superficialities in the conventional wisdom that we hear are perpetrated to keep us in a perpetual state of war?", as follows - "I don't know if it is quite so deliberate, but that seems to be the effect - dumbing down the population to the point where they cannot think critically and then you can pull anything over their eyes. They have a five- minute attention span and a five-minute memory of what happened in the past. We are saying learn your history, study it and think about what the alternatives are, think in utopian ways how different the world could be, how better it would be if we start to organize it rationally in the interest of people, not in the interest of profit, not in the interest of Wall Street, not in the interest of military, in the interest of our common humanity the six billion of us who occupy this planet."

As the author of this blog John would like to say that while he agrees we need to add dialogue - talk to your friends neighbours and school or university friends. It is dialogue that will help us all to come to a correct decision of what is to be done.

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