Friday, November 22, 2013


It is time for action if we want to save public transit. If you agree with the letter below let the BC Premier and NDP leader and Auditor General know you support it. for email here is a list - <> , <adrian.dix@> , <>
Dear Premier, 

I am unable to find in my computer the following letter. It is copied here in case It did not go or get delivered. This letter does contain minor amendments. With apologies to all, 

John Beeching

4715 Lanark Street
Vancouver, BC V5N 3R9

November 18, 2013

Dear Premier Clark,

Transportation in South Coast British Columbia is central to its industries and all business, small or large. It transports workers and employees to and from work. Without that, business would fail. It is imperative that all businesses in the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Act - TransLink operate so as to achieve this need of industry and business.. Presently it is a failure as transportation for the able bodied and disabled is in crisis due to limited income from government. TransLink announced a decade freeze to 2023 for HandyDART. A Taxi Pilot Program has been introduced.

Media and internet reveal a growing opposition to all transit changes. Our personal experiences revealing safety concerns have been sent to The TransLink Board, CBC and the Auditor General. We believe the financial problem is a result of unfair government taxation policies favouring business thus limiting taxation income for the government.

We therefore with respect call on you and the BC Legislature to initiate forthwith a public inquiry into all transit, able bodied and disabled for the South Coast British Columbia Transit.

Cc is reserved by us.

John Beeching
Elizabeth Beeching

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