Thursday, August 1, 2013


OPEN LETTER TO ALL MEDIA: Two Handydart users call for “More Equitable” Transit.
Dear Editor,
When I opened my search engine late yesterday afternoon one of the items on My Telus was about an announcement from TransLink.
The announcement from Telus also included considerable information on TransLink changes, including wages for CEO Ian Jarvis and 6 other executives including annual compensation. But what really drew my attention was – “This and other changes are designed to make the system “more equitable”, TransLink states.”
Is that supposed to placate the ire of middle-class and lower income people on finding that once again cost of transit is going up? More equitable by my dictionary is “fair and just”. What is fair and just about the owning class making mega-super profits and wages while convincing the governments, they are by and large responsible for electing, to lower their taxes while increasing the burden on the middle and lower classes?
To get “fair and just” transit in South Coast BC you should publish our call for a public Audit or Investigation. It is time to give transit users; both able bodied and disabled a voice! That is Fair and Just! Examine the publications or airing of the media and you will find business and high finance information far exceeds the minuscule coverage for those who must work in order to survive.
John Beeching and Elizabeth Beeching 

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