Wednesday, January 23, 2013


As Hon. Chair of CPS I think it is time to increase the fight back in struggle. Why, because our major media are and have been for centuries brainwashing us into believing our present system is benevolent and run by you the voter. It is run by a small and secret society of the worlds to financiers who care only for profit and be damned to you.
Here is an example from Granma International CUBA:
Havana.  January 21, 2013

Chávez is in battle, disciplined in his treatment
Confirms Vice President Nicolás Maduro
CARACAS, Jan 20.—Venezuelan Hugo Chávez is being very disciplined in terms of his treatment and has "a spark of satisfaction in his eye at the struggle he has waged for our homeland and the one he is going to wage," affirmed Vice President Nicolás Maduro, PL reports.
"The President is in battle, aware of the situation he has been through, the difficult post-operative period, aware of what is taking place in our country, informed of what is happening, disciplined in his treatment, paying attention to the doctors’ recommendations," Maduro stated.
His state of mind is that of always, with a spirit of victory, and with a very special focus on how the homeland to which he has dedicated all his efforts and his life, is moving ahead, said the Vice President, interviewed by José Vicente Rangel for his regular Sunday Televen program.
"He is getting over the worst, all his fundamental, vital signs are stabilizing, he is fully conscious and has increasingly more strength, vital for his entry into the second stage, which will be announced in official reports."
In terms of his sense of humor, "he continues to demonstrate it, anecdotes from the medical team and family members show that he maintains his good humor, his constant smile," Maduro said.
All the medical personnel "love President Chávez, respect him and treat him with special affection, the best medicine that a human being can have."
"We have said to him personally, "Be calm, President, keep up the pace of your treatment," Maduro said.
"In Venezuela, there is a people responding, a Bolivarian National Armed Forces with increased morale and loyal, and there is a government team and the revolutionary forces, and those people who are trying to inflame our country cannot do so."
"He thanked me from his heart and said, ‘convey my gratitude to all the people, to the Armed Forces,’ and that’s what we have been doing every day," the Vice President commented.
"Meanwhile, we have said to the President, to his family members and to our people, here there is a government, a working team which he has formed; it is governing, working with the people and taking forward all the major missions contained in the Plan Patria."

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  1. Sorry about the typo in the item above introduction "the worlds to financiers" should be "the worlds top financiers" I have been unable to find something to clik on that allows me to edit it. John