Thursday, November 1, 2012


Transportation is of great importance in our urban centres. South Coast BC is probably the highest population density and industry in BC. The Vancouver City Council proposal to get people out of their cars and into public transit the goal Translink had when it was first formed more than 30 years ago.

It will be interesting to see whatever planners come up with. In the meantime  we should all think about recent reports of economic problems transportation has. Translink has recently cut back on service in all areas.  Funding for HandyDART is now frozen for 3 years. Both have a negative input on riders and is of little effect on vehicle travel.

Translink is now doing work that rightfully belongs to the Department ofTransit. Road improvements, bridges and so on. It has been a severe drain on Translink's budget and moneys spend would have been better used to improve service to the public by transportation. Most HandyDART users are in the low income bracket so reduction in their service as a result of budget freeze comes at a time when the demand for the service is growing.

So where is the money to come from? Present policy of all levels of government is focused on a false economic theory - it says the more money that goes to the top the more jobs will be created thus benefiting government income. Facts and figures show this to be untrue. Check it out.

At the same time check out a comparison of incomes to business as compared to the general public. Then check out the % taxation paid in relation to income of taxation paid by each. The only conclusion one can come to is business is NOT paying a fair share of taxation. No wonder the profits in general of Big businesses have grown greatly. A report noted that one CEO of business worked out he was paying 30% less than his secretary based on income. It is only one example.

The time is now for a public outcry for fair taxation and an exposure of the brainwashing of the public that allow it succeeded. TIME FOR FAIR TAXATION. 

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