Monday, October 15, 2012


The largest beef recall in Canadian History

The wise are using the instructions from TV. If in doubt get a meat thermometer and cook beef to 106 degrees alternately toss it out.

The Unions voice is however not often heard. You can view the full statement by going to the following URL-

The first item of ten among a variety of union concerns in the plant reads: -
"Line speeds are a serious problem. Employees are pushed too hard as Lakeside is more concerned, it seems,with the  quantity of beef produced rather than the quality of beef produced."

It is part-and-parcel of the mad obsession with super profits which are at the root cause of the present economic crisis. Combined with it the conviction of all governing bodies with the wrong idea - the trickle-down-theory. That theory says the more money that goes to the top the more jobs will be created. The facts are it does not work. Facts on the ground show financiers at the very top are fewer in number and richer. In the meantime those below the median financial line are increasing and getting more poor.

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